Water Damage Restoration Tampa

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From sudden storms to plumbing problems, there are many causes of water damage on properties in Tampa. When water damage happens it can wreak havoc leaving you feeling helpless or overwhelmed. But fear not, because with professional water damage restoration Tampa you can restore your property back to original conditions and save your belongings.

Water damage is like a ticking time-bomb. Every minute your home is saturated is a minute closer to structural damage, mold growth and potential hazardous issues. The longer the water or excess moisture lingers, the deeper it seeps and the more extensive the damage becomes.

Thankfully, expert water damage restoration Tampa is designed to swiftly mitigate the damage and restore your home or business to pre-damaged conditions.

Emergency response

The first step in the restoration process entails getting emergency response from the restoration company. Luckily many professional companies in Tampa are available 24/7 and respond swiftly to start the mitigation process. Immediately the team is on your property, they will stop the water incursion into the property by fixing the source.

Emergency response also entail removal of water from the premises. The professionals use high power vacuums to remove standing water. Removing standing water prevents further infiltration and minimizes the risk of mold growth on your property.

When you have signs of water damage on your property it is essential that you act immediately. Look for a company that responds quickly and mitigates damage to salvage your items and prevent the need for expensive repairs.

Thorough drying and dehumidification

When water invades your property, your only aim is to dry it out completely. This is the only way to stop damage and prevent mold growth. Professionals use equipment such as fans and air movers to enhance quick drying of the premises and soaked items. They also ensure proper ventilation into the affected areas to dry it our quickly and completely.

Professional water damage restoration Tampa FL may also involve advanced structural drying techniques. Techniques like wall injection drying are used to tackle deeper moisture within walls and cavities.

Dehumidification is then done to reduce the humidity levels in the property to save levels. It is recommended to keep humidity levels to below 45% if you want to keep mold growth at bay. Tampa is known to have very high humidity levels almost throughout the year, therefore it is advisable that you keep checking on your humidity levels every now and then.

Essentially, professionals go above and beyond to ensure that moisture levels are down to normal levels that cannot support mold growth or continue to cause damage.

Restoration and repair

Thorough water damage restoration Tampa doesn’t end without repairs and restoration of your property and items. Water affects your structure in different ways depending on how it entered and how much water is in the structure. Water reacts differently when it comes into contact with different building materials.

For the most part however, you expect rotting, rusting on metal, warping, and even cracking. Water causes degradation of building materials. On paint water causes peeling and bubbling of the paint. All of the parts of structure affected by water will be repaired and reconstructed if they are not repairable. The repairs are done following set codes and standards so the structure is left as good as it was before.

Mold remediation and prevention

There are instances when the water damage might have caused mold growth. If water is left sitting in the property for more than 24 hours, mold growth starts to occur. Mold can grow on any surfaces where there is excess moisture including furnishings, walls, carpets, floor, ceiling and other surfaces.

If water damage has caused mold, the water damage restoration process entails removal of the mold. The professionals will remove all the mold affected items carefully ensuring there is no spread or cross contamination. Porous materials that cannot be totally cleaned should be disposed.

Working with insurance companies during water damage restoration

If your home insurance covers water damage, then you are in luck because your out of pocket expenses during the disaster are reduced. Usually water damage is covered by homeowners’ insurance if it is sudden and accidental. In other words, it means you couldn’t have predicted that it’s going to happen. However, damage that is due to negligence or lack of proper maintenance may not be covered.

Examples of water damage that is covered by insurance includes damage by; ice dams, leaking roofs, frozen and burst pipes, appliance issues and plumbing issues. However, for most claims to be honored, then you need to engage professional water damage restoration Tampa.

The first thing you need to do if you have insurance is to report the water damage event. Do not wait even a day to report as this may hamper your chances of getting the claim covered. Water damage restoration companies in Tampa are not all created equal. Some may try to take advantage of the emergency situation.

Before committing yourself to work with a company, make sure they have done the inspection and given you an estimate. You should also ask for proof to ensure that the company is insured and licensed. Check their reviews to ensure they are reputable and ask if they work with insurance companies.

Throughout the process the company will need to take pictures of the damage and the work been done to help with the claims process. Ensure also, that you keep your insurance agent on toes regularly checking with them and pushing them to help you negotiate the claims process.

Getting a good, reputable water damage restoration company in Tampa FL can go a long way to make the entire restoration process easy for you. You should therefore take time to choose the right company that will meet your needs perfectly.

Looking for a great company in Tampa to work with? Consider using our resource of already screened companies that are ready and able to take on your project and successfully restore your home. They also work with insurance companies in the area.