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Mold is naturally occurring, and it is natures’ way of turning dead things back to dirt. However, you do not want mold growing on your property, because if it thrives it destroys the surfaces it grows on. To keep your property free of mold, you need to be vigilant and regular mold inspection Tampa can help. The process of mold inspection helps you to identify whether you have a mold problem and the extent of the problem if any.

Because of the weather in Tampa, there are lot of opportunities for homes and businesses to see mold growth. For this reason, property owners and managers need to be on guard to effectively keep mold at bay or tackle a mold invasion when it arises. Tackling mold effectively protects a property from damage while safeguarding the health of the occupants.

Understanding mold and the need for inspection

Mold spores occur naturally almost everywhere and will always be present in the air. They enter a property through windows, doors and the HVAC systems. The spores may also be transported by people on their clothing or by sticking on your pets. As such, every home or property in Tampa is at risk of having a mold problem.

When exposed to water or excess moisture, the available mold spores quickly grow into colonies. These colonies produce allergens and irritants known to cause health concerns in many individuals. Even higher than normal indoor humidity can cause mold growth. It is recommended that you keep indoor humidity below 45 percent.

Mold causes structural damage by slowing eroding parts of the house that it grows on whether walls, floors, cabinets, doors, ceiling and others. As mold growth, it feeds on the material it is growing on causing rotting and decay. Eventually, strong wood and other materials will become weak and your whole structure may be compromised.

Mold inspection is important because it helps you catch a mold problem early before it deteriorates. The longer a mold problem has been lingering on, the bigger the damage and so the repairs will also be expensive.

A mold inspection Tampa is also done before the mold remediation process begins. This inspection and assessment is important because it helps the professionals to understand the extent of your mold problem. Mold testing Tampa may also be done to identify the specific mold type growing on your property.

When the extent of mold and the type has been identified, the professionals then come up with an effective mold remediation plan. Every mold damage scenario is different, and requires a unique solution. The unique plan will outline what needs to be done to completely get rid of your mold problem. The plan involves identifying the source of moisture fueling the mold growth and fixing it.

From the plan created and the scope of work, the professionals are also able to come up with quotes for the work. A quotation given without any prior assessment and inspection will definitely not be the right one. Before settling for a remediation company ask whether they offer free inspections and quotations.

Professional mold inspection Tampa

Mold testing Tampa has to be thorough and should properly identify the extent and severity of the existing mold forms. To achieve this, mold testing is done using sophisticated equipment. During the mold inspection process, the inspectors are able to pinpoint the exact source of moisture on your property.

Further, professional mold testing entails providing a report of the findings. The best companies in Tampa offer the most detailed reports showing their findings and offering recommendations on how the mold invasion can be tackled effectively.

The essence of using a professional mold remediation company is to ensure the mold problem doesn’t recur. It is the only way to protect your property and health. The inspection process is critical in ensuring this happens.

Professional companies offering mold inspection also offer other related services like water damage restoration. in this way you are able to get the comprehensive services you need in one place saving you lots of precious time.

The typical professional mold inspection process

Here is what a professional mold inspection process typically looks like;

The certified inspector starts by detecting and identifying the source of water or excess moisture on your property. The inspector then performs a visual test and walk around the property. During this time, areas prone to mold infestation are paid attention to. Infrared thermography images are taken during the visual inspection to check for possible water damage behind walls and other tight spaces.

After the visual inspection is done, it is time for air and swab samples. The air samples may be identified using air testing kits on site and others are taken to the lab together with the swab samples for further analysis. The air sample is taken to determine if there are elevated levels of mold in the air and if so the type, toxicity level and severity of the mold spores.

The swab samples are taken to determine whether you have mold on different surfaces, the type of mold present, severity of the mold attack and toxicity level. After the mold inspection is done, then a full mold inspection report is produced and presented to you. The mold report should be accompanied by the lab analysis results.

The report should also include the infrared images and detailed explanations of the images. The recommendations are also given explaining the severity of the mold problem as well as the remediation process necessary to eradicate the mold problem. The report might even go further to explain the necessary steps to prevent the mold problem from recurring.

Mold inspection is an important process in mold remediation and prevention. If you are having a mold problem or suspect you are, it is time to consider professional mold inspection Tampa. With the services of a professional you will know exactly what you are dealing with and get a detailed report you can use in insurance claims and real estate transactions.

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