Fire damage restoration Tampa

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After a fire, you will probably have several types of damage to your property. Some parts of your property will be water damaged. This is from water used to put of the fire. The water might also be from appliances of plumbing systems damaged by the fire. Some items will be damaged by the fire while others will be covered in soot. To cater for all of these damages you need professional fire damage restoration Tampa services.

Items that are heavily damaged by the fire exhibiting charring or melting may not be salvageable. The other materials that are covered in soot will need to be thoroughly cleaned to restore them. The property will also need repairs and cleaning to get back to its former glory. Here is where a professional fire damage restoration company in Tampa will come in handy.

Emergency soot and smoke cleanup

To effectively recover items after a fire, soot cleanup must be done as quickly as possible. During combustion, soot residues are carried up by rising hot air to surfaces on the property. This process happens continuously until the combustion process is over. During this time, soot residue covers the property and items inside it layer after layer.

Soot causes damage to items such as plastics, marble, alabaster, fiberglass, grout, metal, electronics and carpets. Soot causes discoloration of items within minutes. When it sits for long, the discoloration may become permanent. It can also cause etching and pitting of some items making them unsalvageable.

Studies done by the EPA have shown smoke to contain carbon monoxide, VOCs, formaldehyde, benzene, acetic acid, formic acid, toluene, oxide of nitrogen, organic carbon and even traces of heavy metals depending on the materials burning. These items are dangerous when inhaled and may cause health complications.

After a fire, smoke quickly settles as it cools. This rapid cooling of particles of incomplete combustion leaves a film of smudge and a lingering smell that penetrates throughout your property. Fires can also release different hazardous or toxic materials depending on the items that are burning.

Exposure to soot and smoke is dangerous to your health. Engaging an expert company for fire damage restoration ensures air quality in the property is restored to healthy levels.

Structural damage repairs

A fire can burn up parts of the building like walls, roof, ceiling, floor and foundation causing extensive damage to the structure. In some cases, the building will be labeled unsafe and the occupants will be asked to vacate until the structure has been properly repaired or reconstructed.

To take care of all the damages that can happen during a fire and reduce exposure to acidic soot and smoke, professional fire damage restoration Tampa is essential. Professionals will work tirelessly to ensure that you can regain entry into your home or building quickly.

Professionals also work with your insurance company if you have home insurance against fire. They document the damage and the restoration process to help with the claims process.

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